Prenatal Yoga

I full heartedly believe Yoga is the best way to prepare for birth. I always tell my birth clients that you do not need to know all the physiological happenings of the birth process, the stages of labor, or even where you are within the cycle of birth when it is occurring. Rather, you need to know how to drop into your body, who to be present, and harness the confidence needed to let your mind go and allow your body to do the work it was made to do. Yoga teaches us just that!

I am a certified at the 200 hour level with an additional 85 hours of training specific to prenatal yoga. I theme my classes to specific emotional and energetic qualities that need to be nourished in order to confidently ride the waves of birth. I strive to develop a sense of sisterhood in my class and allow time for sharing for those who would like to ask questions or explore current triumphs or struggles as they navigate pregnancy. My classes typically starts with an offering to share, followed by centering, asana (movement practice), meditation, and breath work.

If you are interested in my prenatal classes please contact me! I offer group classes in studio in North Vancouver as well as in private homes for small groups and private clients.