Postpartum Healing Circle

Come together with like-minded mommas journeying the postpartum path to share in guided meditation and a discussion on self-care practices to nourish our entire system. Each gathering starts with a slow-organic formation of a circle as mommas come in, take off their shoes, get comfortable and sit with a cup of tea. Once everyone is settled, you will engage in a different mediation each gathering that is created to nourish a specific energy or quality that encourages self-exploration towards and healing. Mediation will conclude with mantra or breath work. Following will be time to journal if desired about your meditation experience. This will be followed by a time to share your experience and engage in a collective discussion on self-care practices for mommas that help foster bodily integrated, spiritual growth, and emotional balance.

As a mom I am all too familiar with the ups and downs of the postpartum journey. The transition to motherhood was bigger than I would have ever imagined. Bigger on the realm of physical shifts, emotional instability, and spiritual confusion. What I also came to see is that as moms we all experience evelations and in sense metamorphosize into a different person when the “mother” crown is placed upon us. Through sharing experiences, collective energy, tea, and conversation we can heal. I hope you join me for Postpartum Healing Circle!

Held at Studio 202 Community 1761 Capilano Rd. North Vancouver

One evening a week each month – contact for specific dates

Healing Circle is by donation either monetary or in the form of tea or my preference sweets ūüôā All are welcome!

I am trained through Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association  (CAPPA) as a Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula. I have additional certification as a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, and Postpartum Doula. I also have a Masters in Public Health and an undergraduate degree in Medical Anthropology. Plus I am a mom, which is the biggest and greatest education of them all!