Birth & Postpartum

My journey towards birth work started in 2008. I have studied and witnessed pregnancy, birth, and postpartum across multiple disciplines and cultures. I have also experienced these pivotal and transformational life-stages personally with the pregnancy, birth and postpartum of my son born in 2016 and my current with another birth awaiting me in 2019.  In 2010, I traveled to Guatemala to work under a midwife where I witnessed for the first time what is truly possible when the female body is left to labor undisturbed with support from loved ones and trusted-informed women. This experience made a deep impression on my path towards continued study and my career today.

I believe in the innate ability of the female body to birth a beautiful and healthy baby. I am here to support women and their families in making the decisions that are right for them through providing unbiased information that is rooted in evidence and best practices and speaks to the heat and spirit. My desire is to help people live an authentic and conscious life and from experience I feel birth often offers us a new beginning to truly do just that.

As a culture, we are on the horizon of a new era in birth & postpartum. An era that honours the innate feminine as woman, mother, and partner. I am inspired and excited to contribute to this movement through my passion to support a more mindful way of being during during this most transformational and self-identifying time.

Current Offerings

Prenatal Yoga

Sacred Pregnancy Workshop

Birth Journey Class for Couples

Birth Basics Class 

Birth Partner Workshop

Postpartum Healing Circle