Do you know what is in your beauty & skincare products? I had a revelation one day  when I heard myself tell my son “oh no don’t touch that, it’s not safe!” He had gotten into the cupboard below the sink where I keep the cleaning products. I wondered in that moment why I was using products that we inhale and get on our hands when I know they are not good for us and even contain harmful ingredients. From there I did a purge. I went through the items under the kitchen sink, in my bathroom and in my makeup bag. I got rid of most cleaning products and ALL of my makeup! This lead me to become more conscious of harsh ingredients and ultimately this desire to use safer products brought me to Beautycounter. Now my son can eat my lipstick if he wants and I won’t be concerned about what might happen to his little body 🙂

Beautycounter aims to create awareness around the ingredients we use on our skin and advocates for regulations to protect us from harmful substances. Beautycounter’s the never list bans 1500 harmful and potentially harmful ingredients from their products. This far exceeds industry norms. Canada bands 600 ingredients, Europe 1400, and the United States 30.  And guess what? Even without the harmful ingredients these products really work! fullsizeoutput_437Interested in joining the movement?

There is power in consumerism! The easiest way to support safer beauty is to buy products that are consciously produced.

Be a good friend! Good friends don’t let friends use harmful products. Host a beauty counter social where friends come together to learn about Beautycounter’s mission & their products. Plus as a host you get discounted and free products!

Become a consultant and start your entrepreneurial adventure!  You put in as much or as little time as you want and you repeat the rewards. It’s really that simple! Most Beautycounter consultants are mothers like me who want to be with their children during the day, while being able to follow a passion and make a difference. The support you get from Beautyocunter is OUTSTANDING! They truly want you to succeed and be successful. It’s amazing!

Connect with me to schedule a one-on-one over coffee/tea to learn about Beauutycounter’s mission, products, and the many ways you can  join the movement!

I look forward to connecting with you soon.