My name is Clara and I am a mom on a mission to live the life I want my child to see me living. I am passionate about sharing knowledge, skills and resources to support you on your journey to live your truest and most authentic life.

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Sankalpa for the New Year

The celebration of a New Year invites the opportunity to embrace a personal re-birth on our path towards living our most authentic Truth. The central theme of this workshop is setting your inner resolve or Sankalpa for the New Year.  A Sankalpa is a clear intention that resonates on a deep level. Having a strong-authentic Sankalpa supports you to live a path that is joyous and the most satisfying expression of your Truth. 

In this workshop, you will be guided through a series of introspective exercises to help you identify your Sankalap. You will then be guided through an hour Yoga Nidra practice themed for the New Year where you will plant the seed to bring your Sankalpa into fruition. 

Investment: $35

Thursday January 10th 7:30pm – 9:00pm

The Yoga Root – 850 Harbourside Dr. North Vancouver

Pre-register online today at theyogaroot.ca


Mala Making Workshop

Mala is the Sanskrit word for garland and this set of 108 beads is traditionally worn and used for meditation. The mala is the holder of the wearer’s intention and supports a life of mindfulness.

In this workshop, you will explore the therapeutic quality of creating an intention and sealing it within your handmade mala. You will learn what a mala is, it’s symbolism, components. and how to use a mala in meditation. You will leave the workshop with a mala crafted by your hands that holds your unique intention to guide your practice as a yogi both on and off the mat. 

Workshop includes:

  • information on what a mala is and it’s structural components 

  • instruction on making a mala

  • materials to make a mala

  • bag to hold mala in

  • information on the healing properties of the gemstones used in the workshop

  • guided mediation using your mala

Investment: $75

Saturday January 26th 2pm – 5:30pm

The Yoga Root – 850 Harbourside Dr North Vancouver

Register online today at theyogaroot.ca