My name is Clara and I am a mom on a mission to live the life I want my child to see me living. I am passionate about sharing knowledge, skills and resources to support you on your journey to live your truest and most authentic life.


An Evening of Sound & Yin

March 2nd 6:30pm – 8pm at The Yoga Root in North Vancouver

Bathe yourself in the nourishing and healing power of mantra, live music, and Yin Yoga. Join songstress Savanna Alyce and Yin Yoga Teacher Clara Johnson in a rich practice aimed to connect practitioners to their breath, body, and spirit. The evening will offer you space to engage in the ancient practice of mantra to connect to and adjust your vibrational energy. Then with the accompany of beautiful live song and instrumental sound you will be guided to drop into your bones and connective tissues through a gentle full body yin practice.

Investment: $35 pre-registered or $40 at the door

Register online today at theyogaroot.ca

Momma Mala Making Workshop

March 12th 5pm – 9pm at Studio 202 Community in North Vancouver

Motherhood is a journey of constant adaptation to meet the ever evolving hearts & minds of our little humans. Clear intention & creative work are powerful tools to foster a balanced and grounded journey towards and through motherhood. Weaving your intention for how you wish to embody motherhood into a Mala is a powerful meditative exercise to ignite intuition and perspective for the road ahead.

In this workshop you will be guided to create an intention specific to your motherhood journey and explore the therapeutic quality of sealing the intention into your handmade mala.

Workshop includes:
– brief meditation on motherhood
– information on what a mala is and it’s structural components
– instruction on making a mala
– materials to make a mala
– bag to hold mala in
– information on the healing properties of the gemstones used in the workshop
– how to use your mala in meditation

Appropriate for all mommas and mommas to be at any stage of their motherhood journey!

Investment: $80

Register online today at studio202community.com


March 12 – April 16th at Studio 202 Community in North Vancouver 

Womb Talks is a series focusing on instilling wisdom and knowledge into mommas and mommas to be so that we enter the postpartum phase empowered to fully heal and nourish our bodies, hearts, and minds. The evening sessions are a collaboration with specialists within their respective fields who are speaking to topics that I wish I knew about prior to the birth of my son. This is about community building among mothers, finding support and understanding regarding the highs and the lows, and knowledge based information rooted in evidence for how we can heal on all levels into the mothers we envision ourselves to become. My intention is that this series will help to fill a gap in postpartum healing so that we can as a collective of mothers fully grow into the best version of ourselves.

For more info visit event page here! 

Birth Partner Workshop

March 24th 1pm – 3pm at The Yoga Root in North Vancouver

Come together for an evening dedicated to enhancing the connection between partners during birth! We will explore the stages of labor from an emotional and energetic level and the comfort measures that can be used at each stage to offer optimum support for the labouring partner. You will learn and practice labor massage, counter pressure, the Rebozo, breathing exercises and more!

This is not a “standard” prenatal education class. This workshop is meant to supplement not replace the foundational knowledge you will gain from prenatal or birth prep classes.

This workshop is appropriate for all trimesters and all types of birth partners (mothers-daughters, doulas-clients, couples, friends…)

Investment: $60/couple

Pre-register at theyogaroot.ca

Workshop Testimonials:

“Attending Clara’s workshop was an eye opener to me. I learnt so much about the truth of birthing time and how to support my wife more effectively during labor. I’m amazed how Clara was able to pack so much valuable information in just a couple of hours…Highly recommended for all dads to be…”

– Victor Pelka

“I really enjoyed Clara’s workshop, it was very informative!!! I especially appreciated the opportunity I got to share it with my husband and see opportunities to work closer preparing for the big day and during pregnancy…Clara is a great teacher and really cares that you get as much knowledge as you can…I recommend this class to all couples expecting a baby, it doesn’t matter what kind of birth plans they have.”
-Maribel Pelka